Reeperbahnfestival 2017

Discover the newcomer in the music industry
20-23 September 2017

In September there is what in Hamburg again on the ears. With over 400 bands and more than 70 different venues on the Reeperbahn, something should be for everyone. Last year were still the Netherlands as a partner country in the focus and the attention this year focuses on the 150 anniversary of the State of Canada, which is known that it produces world’s international stars for years.
Who was already there, know that the Reeperbahn Festival is long not only a music event, ensure nearly 100 public program points from music thematic contexts, such as workshops, readings, film screenings and exhibitions. In addition, that the Reeperbahn Festival established itself in recent years as a Switchman in the digital industry. Around 260 program points allow visitors to deal with new business models and current themes of the creative economy.

While the one at the Reeperbahn so perhaps discovered his new Favorit band Festival, others make important professional contacts these days.
Is natural also catered for the palate, there are numerous dining and beverage stalls. The Reeperbahn Festival is worth a visit in any case.

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