Rebecca – 33 years

The dominant

Lady Rebecca is a very special escort lady who is at home in the fetish area. Her body is spotless and as created for tight paint and leather outfits. This lady is very extroverted, she likes it conspicuously and has a very high self-esteem. Her wardrobe is incredibly versatile as well as your equipment to toys. Her strict facial features, her big eyes and her full lips round off the overall picture, Rebecca is exactly the type of woman a man imagines in the fetish area.



Rebecca is a talented woman with many facets. She is a powerlady with temperament and with her it certainly will not be boring. She likes to give the tone and the word “No” is difficult to accept in your vocabulary. With this woman, they can lose control, and that’s exactly what she wants, because when they are together with Rebecca, she has to say that and enjoys it to the fullest. This escort lady will challenge her and lead her into a world that she does not want to forget so quickly.


Visit Rebecca’s various clubs or events in the fetish and erotic world. She also comes to her with a suitcase of utensils to visit in your hotel or they opt for an external location that can be rented, where all sorts of different rooms are offered.