At least since 50 Shades of Gray, erotic games of power and submission have become commonplace and acceptable. Apart Escort Hamburg has great ladies who enjoy the part of the submissive woman and live out their fantasies with the gentleman. The dominant gentleman is read every wish from the lips and the erotic adventure ala 50 Shades of Gray can begin.




Being a teacher and student for a few hours, meeting up as a boss and secretary in the office after work, or surrendering to the police officer as a shoplifter, erotic role-playing games are mostly about domination and submission. When creating the stories and imaginative roles, creativity knows no bounds. All that is clear is that the lady in this case takes on the submissive role and submits submissively to the power of her master. The maid games are also a great food for thought, while the lady throws herself into the sexy uniform of a wicked maid and presents herself to her master for the rest of the day for all tasks. This can be love services, but also tasks such as scrubbing the floors on your knees or preparing a delicious dinner, which the lady then, of course, while eating at the table, like his sweet cuddly pussy licking from a bowl on the floor.

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