Sand between the toes, music in the ears …

During the day, you can listen to the sounds of the waves and the circling of the Elbst and in the Great Hall of the Elbphilharmonie the breathtaking sounds of the music. There, the music program awaits you at the highest level, and the Elbphilharmonie is not in vain called an acoustic wonder, which does not neglect the entertainment factor.

You can also enjoy beautiful views on the new landmark of Hamburg. At a height of 37 meters, the public viewing platform offers a panoramic view of the city and the harbor. The gates are open for you from 9 am to 12 pm, for spontaneous visitors the ticket is even free – and can be issued directly on the spot for the same day (tickets are available as long as the capacity allows). There is also the possibility to order a ticket online, this costs 2 euros and is valid for 18 weeks. To the lookout platform, you come across the entrance area on the east side of the building, an 82 meter long, curved escalator runs up through the store. The journey through the so-called tube takes visitors directly to the panoramic window on the 6th floor, which opens the view of the harbor. Here is also the entrance to the restaurant “Beer & Dine”.

From there you reach the plaza on the 8th floor via a second, short escalator. Around 8,000 sequins sparkle in the second tube on your way to the Plaza. It is the world’s first curved escalator – with a journey time of about 2.5 minutes.

Abounding, the building of this superlative building also created an exclusive hotel with a unique design and a fantastic view. If you are looking for a hotel with great service, in an unbeatable location, impressive design and an extensive wellness area is here in the best way – Westin Hamburg.

Address: Am Kaiserkai – 20457 Hamburg