Cruise Days 2017

“Is celebrating its second largest maritime event next to the port birthday Hamburg: Hamburg Cruise Days “die ”
From September 8-10, 2017

For all lovers of ship and marine trailers you Hamburg Cruise days are an event which must not be missed. For the 6th time Hamburg Cruise days the Harbor turn spots of Europe into a cruise-hot. The last Cruise Days were already a huge success and this year there will be to see not enough attractions.
Also 2017, there are again many cruise Giants and a varied programme of evening, gastronomy and shopping opportunities to marvel at.
Here a brief overview of the program points:
A week before the start of the Hamburg Cruise days shines Hamburg starts the Light-Up of the blue port Hamburg around the harbour in a magical blue on the 1.9. The correct term for this spectacle is artistic and magical. One week the artwork to the port of Hamburg every day will enchant more buildings and landmarks.

8.9.2017 here, a beautiful fireworks will accompany 6 coming from 10 cruise ships on the Elbe. You can admire the spectacle at the pier at 21:15.

9.9.2017 at 21:20 Cruise begins days parade on the Saturday of the great Hamburg. You should have seen it, marvel at can the parade again at the pier and a private fireworks display accompanied the illuminated cruise giants. Small barges and boats to connect this parade, a gorgeous screen and globally unique.

10.9.2017 the maritime event ends with the heavyweights of the Hamburg Cruise days in the evening and you can say goodbye to the ocean liners at the port.

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