Mia – Hamburg

The demanding

Mia is an escort lady of the upper class, she has a dream body and everything sits perfectly. Your delicate tanned skin and breathtaking silhouette will make your head turn to the discerning gentleman. Mia has sensual lips and big deer-brown eyes, a beautiful breasts and a great apfelpo. The body of this woman is a dream and she knows how to pack it. She loves elaborate and noble clothes that are close to your body, these escort dams are worth every sin.



Mia is a lovely lady who knows what she wants. She has 2 sides, the one is the liebreizenden lady, which likes to be pampered and on the hands carries and the other side is the wicked woman, which can be very demanding. Mia loves high-quality dresses that she can present to your dreamy body and she likes the game with the opposite. Mia is a very interesting personality, which has many mysterious sides.


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