Ella – Hamburg

the attentive

Ella is an escort lady of the extra class, she has a great, natural body and a beautiful face. Their radiance awakens sensual dreams in the thoughts of the men’s world. Ella has a soft and sensual skin, with her everything sits at the right spot and when one sees this dream woman, one would absolutely want to learn more about her. The way she moves and how she gesticulates looks incredibly attractive, she has a sure appearance and you notice that she has fun in life and get to know new men. This lady knows what she wants and that you will look at her radiance, Ella is a very interesting and mysterious lady with a very noble appearance. We are delighted about this cultured and life-changing lady in our team.



Ella loves the life and the life loves her! She stands with both legs in her life and is a very balanced lady! With her, you can make great, profound conversations and on the other hand she is to have fun and nonsense. She is so easy not to get out of the way and knows exactly what she wants and that she can communicate. Nevertheless, Ella is adaptable and a showcase woman all along the line. It is very important that the man in your area is not lacking anything and she knows exactly what she has to do for it, let her slip away from this adorable and extraordinary woman into another world and embark on your experienced hands.


Take Ella to a company event or a business event, she’ll be the perfect accompaniment for it, as she knows how to dress and behave in upscale circles and articulates. This escort lady is also perfect for a holiday companion, her serenity and balance, make her a long-time favorite. You can enjoy your time with Ella very much, she loves to live and is open for some, the hours with her will be unforgettable.